Social media adviser, Daniel Regha has dropped his two cents on Wizkid’s recent Snapchat posts.

Earlier on Sunday, Wizkid had taken to social media to brag about his status in the music game and he offered to teach his percieved rivals how to work less and make better business choices.

Wizkid splashes

“I can stop touching the mic today and y’all lil niggas still can’t touch the wealth!
Even if you ask your dad and mom for help. #MoreLoveLessEGo
Also soon, I will open a class for you N**ggas to come learn how to get all you deserve with less work and smart business choices.”
he posted

Daniel was not happy with Wizkid’s post and he took to his own platform to call out Wizkid for his action and remind him that respect was earned not demanded.

“Wizkid said people should address him as “Sir or daddy” before mentioning his name; That’s egot!sm & quite s!lly since he’s n¤t the biggest in the game. He’s a top-rated African artiste, but he has n¤t truly influenced anyone’s career. Respect is earned, not demanded. No offense.”

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