Stunning media personality, Toke Makinwa, addresses issues of man snatching in her latest Vlog. The OAP also has a conversation with her sister who feels there is nothing wrong with entertaining a man with a girlfriend.

See excerpts from her thoughts below:

If you know someone is in a relationship, respect her relationship.I don’t believe in giving your number to a guy that is seeing somebody else a chance.I am sorry the moment you tell me you have a girlfriend,nothing can make me look at you twice.Some people are like so ”do you want us to remain single?”

I feel like this is what adds to the drama females have in their lives.Because it is not as it should be. Some will say so what is he has a girlfriend, after all,he is not married to her. They have something and what they have, is leading somewhere before you the homewrecker, boyfriend snatcher ,the man thief decided to shine your eye.

The excuse these side chicks tell themselves is” but i’m not taking anybody.Respect people’s relationships.I just believe if you know two people together, respect their relationship.

Do you agree with her? Watch below:

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