Popular Nollywood actress, Nancy Isime, has taken to social media to address questions about her unclad scenes in a new movie, Shanty Town.

Nancy Isime began trending online following the release of the new Netflix series. A scene from the movie captured the moment Nancy Isime went unclad, exposing sensitive parts of her body.

Social media users went agog, and many were left curious as to whether Nancy really bared her body in the movie.

“Omo thank God for this Shanty Town movie, how I for take ever see Nancy Isime nyash for this life”, a Twitter user wrote.

“Because of Nancy Isime going naked in a movie the whole internet is on fire. Something that Hollywood has been doing”, another fan wrote on Twitter.

Well, the actress has now taken to her Instagram page to clarify the scene.

According to her, the private parts flashed in the movie are not hers but those of her “body double.”

Sharing a photo of herself from the controversial scene, she wrote,

“Simmer down horny boys and girls😄, I know those gorgeous body parts excites you but they sadly belong to my beautiful body double❤️ Mine aren’t that succulent😛😂😂😂😂. Enjoy our beautiful masterpiece, get the message from each scene and Focus on the right Focus!😛 Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews so far, I’m so glad y’all are watching and Loving Shanty Town❤️.”

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