Controversial Nigerian Twitter user, Daniel Regha, has reacted to the news of superstar singer, Rihanna being pregnant for fellow superstar, ASAP Rocky, and he says it is not worth celebrating.

According to Daniel, Rihanna got pregnant out of wedlock so the news should not be celebrated.


Regha added that the world has so much normalized being a baby mama or a baby daddy like it is something dignifying.

See his tweet below:

Rihanna getting pregnant for ASAP Rocky w!thout getting married first, on a real !sn’t worth applauding; Celebrity or not, the right thing to do is to get married before having kids. The world has normalised “baby mama & baby daddy” like its a d!gnifying status. God help us all.

Any lady who allows a man deliberately impregnate her before marriage d¤esn’t know her worth; It makes absolutely n¤ sense. If a man truly loves u, he should go pay for ur bride price or walk u down the aisle before starting a family with u cos “baby mama” is a degrad!ng status.

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