Ashton Wilson Meem Ciara

Oh! The hate! Ex-wife to Ciara‘s new beau, Russell Wilson threw a shade at the football player’s engagement to Ciara. She threw a shade at her engagement ring precisely.

Ashton Wilson Meem, chose to change her twitter avatar by choosing an old photo of herself casually showing off her huge 8 carat diamond ring while Ciara’s is said to be a 5 carat ring…

Russell divorced Ashton in 2014 after reports that she had an affair with the then “Seahawks” wide receiver Golden Tate.

Despite her ring being bigger, Ciara’s has more quality… High-end jeweler David Harris said to Hollywood Lifeabout Ciara’s ring…

“This is one incredible ring,” “This brilliant cut solitaire is approximately 12 to 15 carats and looks to be a D through F colorless diamond, which means it’s a really good diamond.

I would estimate the center stone be worth between $2 and $2.5 million based on one which I recently sold to a very wealthy client.”

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