Bride dies

In a very sad report, a beautiful Nigerian bride has passed on shortly after her wedding ceremony in Lokoja, Koji state capital.

The bride, whose name was not disclosed, reportedly complained of stomachache during the wedding which was held on Saturday, April 29, and was given coke to quench her hunger as she had not eaten all day.

The pain, however, worsened after the ceremony and she was rushed to a hospital where she received a diclofenac injection. She did not get any better and was taken in for further examination, where they discovered that she had internal bleeding.

She was rushed into the theatre for an urgent surgery but she, sadly, did not survive the procedure.

One @Aremexx who relayed the tragic incident on Twitter wrote,

“This lady wedding took place in Lokoja on 29th April. She was said to be complaining of stomach pains right from the reception, and was given coke to drink when she said she hadn’t eaten all day, the pain persisted when she got back to her parents home while receiving prayers/blessings of her parents before conveying her to her husband’s house as tradition required. She was eventually rushed to a private hospital and the doctor on duty administered diclofenac injection. Situation got worse and she was referred to Federal medical center where they diagnosed that she had internal bleeding and needed urgent operation.

This beautiful young lady didn’t make it after the operation.

What a sad day for the parents and groom. May God help us 🙏”

Watch a video of the bride on her wedding day below,

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