Nini slams

Big Brother Naija star, Nini Singh has slammed those of her colleagues berating her co-star, Saga Adeolu, for ‘losing focus’ on the show because of her.

It was believed that Nini stunted Saga’s potential in the house because he fell in love with her and seemingly made her his sole priority, instead of focusing on winning the game.

The pair were inseparable in the Big Brother Naija house and Saga almost lost his mind when Nini suddenly disappeared from the house when Biggie gave her orders to temporarily exit the show.

 Nini slams
Well, the reunion show is currently ongoing and in one of the episodes, Nini who never misses any opportunity to defend Saga, bashed those saying she spoilt Saga’s game.

According to her, despite the claims that Saga lost focus because of her, he still stayed longer in the house, won more games and made more money than those criticizing him.

Watch her speak below,

A while ago, Nini didn’t spare a Twitter user who tried to troll her best friend, fellow reality star, Saga.

A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging platform on Monday night to drag Saga and tagged him a “mumu” for being too clingy to Nini.

Saga had a great crush on Nini during the Big Brother Naija season 6 edition, as you may recall. They had a deep relationship and were always together. He did, however, propose a romantic relationship to Nini, but she declined.

As the housemates of the Shine Ya Eye edition of the reality show reunite for their reunion production, a video of Saga hanging around Nini surfaced online.

Reacting to the video, the Twitter user called Saga a “mumu” for following Nini around.

“So they went for Big Brother reunion and Saga was caught following and monitoring Nini. The guy mum no too much “, the troll wrote.

Nini who wouldn’t let any negative comment about her friend slide, on seeing the tweet came to Saga’s defense and lambasted the troll.

“If you followed your life ambitions (that’s if you have any) and monitored your growth, you’d have a better life than struggling to become a useless being that chases clout with other people’s lives”. Nini wrote quoting the tweet.

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