Asides from the fact that it’s those two things… I feel the trend is way outdated! When i see dudes sag their pants… I’m like, dude? The Hell, we in the “Classic man” era man! Pull em pants up!

Nigerian rapper, the only one with a M.Sc, Naeto C has shown that he is not a fan of letting his pants hang down low.

Speaking in a recent interview with Punch, when asked about the sagging trend, he said:

I grew up and realised it looked stupid, when I was a younger artiste, I did not care much about my image. But now that I am grown, I pay attention to my image because the people I perform for are my clients.

“My client is a mature person who obviously can afford my services. You don’t want your client to see you as irresponsible because tomorrow, when you go to the same client for a business proposition, he would not take you seriously if you are sagging. The client would see you as immature and irresponsible. I think being mature and responsible made me stop sagging.”


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