A 19 year old student of Gaskia College, Amukoko, Lagos, Saka Hammed, who allegedly stabbed the school’s Labour prefect, Saheed Jimoh, to death on Wednesday for punishing him over being late to school, has been arrested by police.

He was allegedly arrested by policemen attached to Amukoko Division, sometime around 6.40p.m. yesterday.

According to Vanguard, when they visited Gaskia College yesterday, normal school activities had resumed as students were seen in their respective classes receiving lectures.

Officials from the office of Educational Quality Assurance, Zone 14, were also seen in the school, compiling reports of the incident.

A man who identified himself as the Vice Principal said he couldn’t talk to reporters.
However, a student, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said:

“There are several cult factions in the school. It is an open secret that many students are involved in cult-related activities and the use of charms.

“One of the common charms used by some of the students is called ‘no touch blood’, which is a very poisonous charm that kills instantly when it comes in contact with blood.

“Perhaps, in the case of Saheed, his killer could have tried to test the potency of the charm.”

Another senior student of the school revealed that that Hammed only resumed for the term on Monday. He said Hammed had failed woefully and was supposed to repeat SSS 2.

He said he used to be in the same class as the deceased when they were in SS2 but the deaceased passed and was promoted to SSS 3. But he stopped coming to school.

He said:

“On Monday, his father brought him to school to see the principal. Only for the incident to occur on Wednesday.”



  1. this is serious, this the time to draw closer to GOD bcos no one knows the time the coming of Jesus have started .stay away from evil

  2. Teach your children the truth let them now that God can not reward them good for killing another woman being rather hey will perish in hell.


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