A video trending on social media shows the moment some secondary school students were passionately making out around the four corners in an empty classroom.

In the video, each of the students was seen with female fellow students around the four corners of the classroom as they engaged in passionate romance.

It remains unknown where the activity took place but information available says it happened in one of the Nigerian secondary schools.

See video below ;



  1. I don’t think if the video of the school children kissing in the four corners of the classroom took place in Nigeria.This happened in Zimbabwe because there are Shona words which are whispered at the end of the video “Ndisiye iwe” meaning leave me

  2. One of the girls in the video of the video of school children kissing scam said “Siyana neni,” in Shona language which means “leave me alone” in English
    The video took place in Zimbabwe not Nigeria

    Delete my first comment ,this is what she exactly said


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