Benson Okonkwo5

Okay, please y’all, I’d really appreciate if y’all don’t crucify me, but I don’t really know who Benson Okonkwo is, but I know for sure that he’s an actor and an obvious male fashionista.

He stepped in head-to-toe matching outfit for a wedding and I most say that he really has a well constructed fashion statement cause he kinda murdered the look.

I mean, he matched his outfit from his clothes to his shoes. Lol. It takes a real fashionista to pull that though. Kudos Benson.

What do you think of his look though? Dope or Dead?

More photos below:

Benson Okonkwo

Benson Okonkwo1

Benson Okonkwo3

Benson Okonkwo2

Benson Okonkwo4

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