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The Ugandan woman seen in the photo above was employed as house-help but out of greed and covet, she wanted to make extra illegal dough by kidnapping her boss’s little 2-year-old girl and disappearing for two weeks, but her criminal story has been curbed as she has been arrested.

The Kenyans reports that Jessica Nawire was nabbed at the Busia border with Baby Kaity Amanda, by police officers acting on a tip-off from a stranger.

Nawire was then taken to the Busia Police station where she was locked up as the baby’s parents were being sought to come and pick their child.

The house-help however said she fled with the baby because she had not been paid her three-month salary. Baby Amanda remained with her uncle Maurice Ochieng at the station, as her parents travelled to the border town to reunite with her.

Mr Ochieng said that he was in Uganda following a lead before he was informed of the arrest by Ugandan police.

“I was in Nayemba following a lead when police contacted me at around 2pm,” Ochieng was quoted by a local daily.

It would be recalled that the baby’s mother, Fiona Akinyi, had taken to social media to broadcast the shocking news by circulating photos of her two-year-old as she pleaded with people to help her locate her baby.

The police are now investigating the matter although it is obvious the house-help was lying as she had only worked for her madam for two weeks.

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