Twitter user, Shar Lo was left in total shock over the reaction of her childhood friend after she broke the news of finding a new job to her.

Shar Lo was shocked by her reaction and took to Twitter to share…

… – her friend then saw this and questioned her if she was referring to her.

Then things got heated from there:

According to Shar Lo’s friend, She (Shar Lo) seems to be leaving her behind when it comes to making progress – she says Shar Lo has been trying to “outshine” ever since they got out of high school.

Then Shar Lo concluded on Twitter:

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  1. That’s not a friend you shouldn’t have to carry a friend on your back she should be willing to work just as hard as you are in order to receive the same blessings as you have.Good luck on your new endeavors and sky is the limit NEVER LET ANYONE HOLD YOU BACK FROM WHAT’S DESTINED FOR YOU!

    • Well said. I agree 100%. Everybody is not your friend. That ‘childhood’ friend sounds like a crab in a barrel. I had one of those who ‘acted like she was my friend’ but only wanted to be close so that she could steal some shine. I had to drop her hot, like a baked potato, and I’ve never looked back.

  2. Girl, you better let that one go! You don’t wanna end up in a #Freezer! When God show you what’s really in someone’s heart you best believe “It Is What It Is!”. Whatever you do , don’t pull her back in. let it go!

  3. Mary and Martha, Jesus! Maybe the whole letter column feature, just got turned upside down. This is more like Celebrity news, but I am biased, in NYC. Lagos, seems so successful. Or next big thing. You can tell it is a human interest story, by all the local grammar and consistent backing up of each other. But, in Kenya….Fela Kuti is still the ruler.

  4. Everyone is not meant to be a part of your blessing. Furthermore, it seems that the so called friend has been secretly envious for some time. God has a way of show in a person’s true colors. You’re better off without her!

  5. As ur rising and continuing to shine tht bum bitch will STILL be in the same spot your left her….dont let haters an phony bitches block your blessings…if she was a real friend she would be genuinely happy for you…hoes like her dont amount to much which is why sje wanted you to “wait”..wait for what jesus’s 2nd coming…if u not with me you against me tell her to pull her own weight and get on your level.

  6. With “friends” like Bianca who the heck needs enemies?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You’re better off without her! Keep fighting the good fight! ?

  7. Misery loves company. Plain and simple. Don’t let her slow you down. If she wanted it she would be working just as hard even if it was a job she didn’t like. I’ve seen people join the army to get ahead, become trashmen to get ahead, work at McDs to get ahead – knowing damn well these weren’t jobs they wanted for the rest of their lives. That magical 6 figure dream job she thinks will magically appear without learning the small tasks first isn’t going to happen.

  8. Oh weeee! That girl need to grow up. I am.alway happy for my friends success even if I feel that I am left out. I congratulate and support and keep it pushing because my success and theirs may be diff! That chic is extra petty with a side of ohh she tried it!!! Smh

  9. That’s insane NO Bihhhh, I’m not waiting on you. That friend got a lot to work on like; when she turned down the opportunities did she have other suggestions. POOOF…bye wack ass friend. You will have nothing dealing with her or a person that selfish…Wait on me…VROOOOOOOM!

  10. That’s not a friend om every level. She worried too much about you out shining her when you are trying to reach goals and accept the rewards of your hard labor..Too much worried and being of jealous of what and who you are, she is stuck and can’t move on with her life. Child please she need to get a life and stop hating that’s all that is. Apparantly she can not go where you going, she will definitely be one to try and pull you back. You don’t need that in her life. Maybe down the road she will get herself together. If she cant handle you now. She sure will not be able to handle you later…Smh..Shame on her!!

  11. There are leaders and then there are followers-Shar is definitely a leader and what does a man got to do with it! She is independent and making a name for herself and when the time is right she will meet a man with the same drive for success and work ethic and they will compliment eachother. A friend should always share in your success and happiness and they should never try to hold you back. Envy is a horrible thing in todays world..

  12. She really said she should have waited on her? OMG true friends don’t even expect that. If she’d waited on her, she would be sitting back with no car and no job to get excited about. She should have latched on to that coat tail and chased a dream as well. See what being too good for a job gets you, absolutely nothing. Shake that weight off and enjoy your blessings sweetheart. This heffa is an obstacle to all of that.

  13. Okay I will play Mediator being that I am an INFP.
    Don’t throw your friendship away just yet ladies.

    Bianca…. you are being a tad bit unreasonable.
    It is on you to find something you both can do, you can not expect Shar Lo to wait on you when she has bills to pay and is ready to get her life after school started.

    Shar Lo…. don’t put your friend on blast anymore.
    You are in the right, and this may work out all for the best in this situation, but don’t make a habit of it. No one wants to have a friend that thinks you might be calling them out in a secret blog.

    I don’t know how close you two are/were, but as you get older you realize this is some trivial sh*t and not worth throwing away a friendship over.

    • I see no friendship here. Years of talking to someone doesn’t mean they are your friend. Something like this proves this isn’t a friendship. I see jealousy, selfishness. What friend would want another put their life on pause for them? i am sure that person would mean you no good. I am sure she would not do the same for her. She is not happy about her friend’s success when she could be just as successful instead she is at a war zone in her head with her friend. I do not want any friend that thinks we are competing because i am racing ahead or accomplishing my goals. THAT’S NOT A FRIEND THROW HER IN THE GUTTERS THAT IS A SNAKE. Not everyone who laughs with you is your friend

    • All you have said (in my opinion) is totally wrong, there is no need for mediation, there is nothing to save. Friends for a reason, friends for a season or friends for life. She (Bianca) may have had the first two but has lost the latter. A true friend has nothing but good wishes for a friend in all they do. Since when does a person try to find a job that suits a friend. Bianca seems a very jealous person who will not be happy for anyone unless they have less than her. Shar is an adult who is on her way in adult life with good work ethics that I hope will get her far.

  14. She isn’t a friend for many reasons:
    1) She isn’t actually happy for you and thinks you’re trying to outdo her
    2) She doesn’t want you to do better
    3) She is selfish as FUCK.
    4) She wants you to carry her on her back.
    Fuck her. She is full of that bullshit.

  15. My band had to get rid of a member who was on the same kind of ‘Radically Co-dependent Narcism’ tip as Shar-Lo’s friend: A chronic F**k-up who mont only couldn’t get it together but saw his failures in music and life as the band’s responsibility. It is amazing how quickly we progressed once we left him behind. Good for Shar-Lo and good luck to her in life!!!

  16. Everybody ain’t for you, just be glad you found out. She could have been sitting around hating your guts and you still believing all is well. Trust me. She didn’t just get this way.???

  17. Get away from her ASAP. She’s a life drainer. Sounds like some kind of early abuse happened that she needs to get over/through. She will be toxic for a lllooonnnnggg time, maybe deadly on some level. Close that relationship door with her for a few years, she needs time to process her s**t.

  18. OMG!! DO YOU!!! We ALL have a stupid friend or two! I had a 15+ year friendship collapse just a couple of months ago because she got mad that I’m still friends with her ex…that she screwed over. She said I shouldn’t be friends with him because I was her friend first. Just plain old stupid. GO DO YA THANG HONEY!!!!

  19. Yeah she a hater…she been hating the whole time you been shining..let her go childhood friend or not cause a real friend gone applaud you and wish u well on your success not ask you to wait for her and be bitter when she can go out here and bust her ass working hard just like you been doin

  20. Keep doing you boo!! You will have plenty of time for a man!! And plenty of time to just CHILL!! That is why Bianca don’t have a job now too much time “chillin wit her man”. Childhood friend don’t last forever.

  21. She stupid and if you let her hang on and weigh you down, you will be stupid, too. Looks like you got your head on straight. Cut her loose and move forward. Willing to work hard is a blessing not a flaw. You will accomplish great things including love if you keep her and folks like her out of your life. Safe journey, little sister.

  22. Girrlll..she sounds 14…you dont have to wait for noone to get your paper up…jobs are individual goals and work…u don’t have time….then that comment about the man..lawwwdd..believe me, also continue to hustle, he will come….not the top priority…but as for her..get rid of her…the older I get, the easier it is to let ppl go…easyyyy

  23. Everyone is responsible for their own success. Your friend shouldn’t depend on you to find her success. She needs to find what her own passion in life is and run after that. Her idea of loyalty is misconstrued. You all should be rooting for one another. She shouldn’t be trying to hold you back from reaching your goals simply because she isn’t ready. But I also think you should have talked to her before putting her on blast. Maybe your friendship could have been saved

  24. A real friend would congratulate you on the big blessing you making with God’s help.. Good Lucky Honey do u make your money for a better future.. God will send that men that’s going to be on the same level as u.. Keep moving forward may God continue to BLESS u..

  25. This jealous bitch is NOT a friend. Who TF says friends have to work together. Apparently Shar Lo has things to do and can’t stand idle while you decide what you want to do. Get your skills up and stop depending on your friends to hold your damn hand. I’ve never heard of such self-centered bullshit in my life. You feel she outshines you…NEWSFLASH…SHE DOES! She’s out there grindng for hers while you’re “CHILLIN'”. Shar was right…THE NERVE!

  26. Shar Lo you are ambitious and want something out of life and your friend seems to be very lazy and wants a hand out or hook up. You are a smart lady you know she is not good for your growth no rocket science there mama ! Keep up the hard work and you will continue to be blessed. When I was promoted at my job I saw similar behavior in people I thought was with me also , but they weren’t. I had to distance myself from them. Remember misery loves company !!!

  27. Hunni you are doing right. I just previously sent my childhood friend something and they responded with an emoji but I’m writing a speech every time she accomplishes anything. Friends so grow apart or let me say people outgrow people that aren’t their true friends anymore. Friends arent defined by who you’ve been knowing the longest. They damn sure are one sided. Keep pushing sweetie !!!


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