Two days ago, at Kobe Bryant’s farewell game, rap guru Jay Z attended the event without his wife Beyonce, and as expected, cameras searched him out, trolled him from the beginning to the end of the event, and now folks on social media have an interesting story to tell.

From the photos, a yet-to-be-identified woman sat at the front row with Jay Z, with another man sitting in between them, but something funny happened towards the end of the game; the lady had switched seats.

See the photos:

IMG_20160415_230639Of course it got people talking, with many wondering why the sudden change, if the photo was photoshopped to piss Beyonce off, all these speculations hinged on the fact that the singer is famous for spying on her husband at sports events.

Check out some of the reactions:

IMG_20160416_065500 IMG_20160416_065519 IMG_20160416_065538

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