A Facebook user, Bello Anny, took to her page to give a shocking claim that the RCCG pastor named Clifford Ojugo, in the photo above, did this to his maid(left) because she told a lie.

The Facebook user wrote:




  1. Man of God?? Abi man that holds the bible,climb the alter and deceive people?

    Would Jesus have done this.
    We still retain many of our evil attitudes instead of dropping all and following Jesus
    others have retained some of theirs and called it WISDOM.
    This Pastor is one of such.
    Our God is loving and merciful and he doesnt support such act.

    We thankGod u werent in the old days i would for the motion of using this ur big head to exchange a tuber or yam or potato.

    And yabaleft too i think it isnt newsworthy to point out a church’s’ve said a man of God and we understand,why pointinq fingers at innocent churches???

    This world is crazy walahi.

  2. Just like Jesus me who have not sinned before??? Pastor I myself hate lies.. Bt in situations like this.. You have gone beyond human imagination .. We live by wisdom and knowledge.. I don’t support this act.. You are telling us that u cannot manage conflict.. I here by tell you to pay for any problem you av cause her.. N also beg God to forgive you..

    • Dont judge Sam, am very close to this family. He’s having issue with his tenant and d tenant decided to blackmail him. There’s nothing wrong to quit a tenant that’s not abiding by ones rule. Let God judge. Greetings to ur family.

  3. Is everyone who carries the bible a pastor abi man of God?! 90% of these so-called-men of God are nothing but Satan’s agents who are only looking to enrich themselves. A man who knows God can’t inflict such on another human. He neither have the love of God, nor the love of man….

  4. Sometimes ppl don’t think before they comment,they comment coz they have their phone with them so they think they capable of commenting rubbish on any post they see.Am a winner not an RCCG member but I don’t judge anything being posted online especially this yabaleft.if at all what they posted is true,Y not leave the judgment for’s just a piece of advice to u…take it or leave it,or better still keep patronizing yabaleft.tomorrow they will post ur picture that u raped a fowl.dumb set of ppl

  5. I don’t know why people will want to kill their maid, I keep saying it, if the maid is not what you want then send him or her back to the parents and keep trying till you get the very one you need, pastor or not pastor oh, if you can’t take their nonsense the let people’s children be

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