Self-confessed robber and serial rapist, who told police in a viral video that it’ll be best to kill him, has escaped from the custody of the Lagos State Police Command.

The 27-year old, identified as Adeniyi Ajayi in August confessed to raping women and robbing people off their valuables and pleaded with the police to kill him, to prevent him from committing further crimes.

Ajayi who claimed he doesn’t lie, confessed to have raped 3 victims. According to him, he doesn’t want the police to send him prison but rather kill him because he doesn’t want to cause more harm to the country.

He revealed that he learnt raping while he was imprisoned for stealing in 2019 and expresses his readiness to die.

In his words,

“I want the police to waste me, because i learnt raping when they took me to prison in 2019. when i got out of prison , i was looking for who to help me. My family was not ready to help me.

“my solution now is that they should waste me, what I mean by wasting is that they should kill me. because i know, if they send me to prison I will be hard more. Instead of the police sending me to prison, they should kill me, I’m ready for it”, He added.

However, Adeniyi Ajayi has now escaped police custody.

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