Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has taken to her Insta stories to address trolls on social media who are always attacking her and plus-size people because of their anatomy.

Not long after she lambasted a troll who shared his opinion about her weight on Instagram, the actress took to her Insta stories to address bullies who are always attacking plus-size people.

According to the actress, the actions of these bullies can lead their victims into depression and some of them might even commit suicide. She asks that people, family members inclusive should learn to leave plus-size people alone and allow them live their lives.

She wrote,

The bully about being a plus size is huge…Y’all are the reason why a lot of people go into depresseion & so quick to put up RIP on their pictures.

Don’t bother laughing at me because I be Coconut head I do my things my own way….Y’all need to see the amount of body shaming I receive everyday of my life

The pressure is so unbearable. Friends,Family, Society as a whole you all need to chill…Allow me to live my life and let me run my race

The same body you hate is the same body that puts food on my table is the same body that brings joy and laughter to you when watching it on Tv

Members of the public do not send me to my Early grave


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