A Nigerian man living abroad has warned African parents about the dangers of sending their children abroad to study at a young age.

The man, identified as Dave Partner, opined in a trending video that parents who send their kids to school in other countries too early have lost them forever.

According to Dave, the number of times the parents may get to see their children again might not be up to ten before they die.

Dave, who stated that there are a lot of things that can change a child abroad, warned parents against sending them overseas as minors.

He said that just because some parents are wealthy enough to move their children to the US, UK, or Canada doesn’t mean they should do it too early.

He explained that the children get accustomed to the new society and embrace a foreign culture.

He further said that they will also not be interested in taking over their family business because they did not learn anything about it from their parents.

“If you send your children to school abroad you have lost them forever. That You will be able to see them again will not be up to 10”, he said in part.

Watch him speak below,

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