A quite serious brawl between a man and a lady ensued at a Ghanaian bar known as Bloom Bar, which is located in the heart of Accra over the weekend.

The moment of the duo exchanging fisticuffs was captured on camera and reports that followed were that the man locked horns with a lady touted as Yaa Asantewa on social media over a seat at the cocktail bar.

Eyewitnesses reveal that the man had prior to their brawl, left his seat to meet someone outside the venue and upon getting back, the lady had already taken occupancy of his seat.

It’s reported that after the man asked the lady to vacate the seat, it led to a heated exchange of unpleasant words which evolved into a fight at the bar. Eyewitnesses say the lady’s boyfriend intervened in the fight and took it to another level.

It was the intervention of bouncers that led to the break up of the two men before they were escorted out of the premises. Some bystanders got hurt while others fled the venue without paying for their drinks.

Watch the video below,

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