A man has ended his relationship with his girlfriend after she served him stew made from spoiled tomatoes.

A WhatsApp conversation between the man and his girlfriend that is currently going viral shows him venting to the lady.

The girlfriend had asked him why he had been acting coldly toward her and demanded to know what she had done wrong.

Replying, the man narrated how he watched her add bad tomatoes to a meal she prepared for him and how she refused to eat the food, admitting that she couldn’t have a taste of what she cooked because of the bad tomatoes.

This, according to the guy, is a major turn-off because he can’t be with someone who only cares about herself. He queried why she cooked with bad tomatoes when she knew they were bad for consumption.

“To me it was never a big deal to add one bad tomato to many others, since everything will still be fried. But then, you went ahead to fry it and made the stew. You now dished out food for only me… I persuaded you to at least get a spoon n take a little from my own since you haven’t eaten anything since morning…that was when you pocked up the courage to tell me that you wont eat because of the bad tomato”.

Sharing screenshots of their chat on Twitter, a tweep @Davina_rh wrote, “Nigga broke up with his girl all because of tomato, if you don’t fear men, I don’t know what else you should fear 😂.”

Read their full exchange below,

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