Late Corper Dayo, a member of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC drowned on August 27th after he accidentally slipped of a boat while boarding a jetty to the community where he was serving.

His body was found two days later floating in the river. The deceased was laid to rest on Friday, Sept 2nd.

A Facebook user shared the photos along with a tribute.

“Corper Dayo was someone who didn’t say more than 100 words in a day.

Corper Dayo was someone who never looked for trouble.

Corper Dayo was someone who smiled in French
Corper Dayo was someone who always seeked the face of God.

We the Isaka, Port Harcourt corp members sadly bid farewell to our friend who was one of us but lost his life last week Saturday.

Corper Dayo crossed the river to have a haircut in preparation for the next day (Sunday service) but unfortunately did no make it back to us after his haircut because he reached the island and accidentally slipped off the boat as he was trying to climb up the jetty leading to the community where we stay.

We cried our eyes out in prayers begging God to rescue him while the searcher swept the river. Unfortunately according to the wish of God, he was only found two days after floating in the river. Corper Dayo was finally laid to rest on 2/09/2016.

We say may his soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN

I also use this medium to urge our fellow corpers who are posted in riverine area to be very careful and also put on your life jackets no matter how small the river may be”

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