Actor Stanley Nweze

Nollywood actor, Stanley Nweze has opined that having sex on the first date does not mean that one is cheap.

Taking to his Instastory to share his opinion, Stanley asserted that whether one has sex on the first date or not, a person who is genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship would still proceed with the relationship.

According to him, people should stop putting much thought into sex because it’s not that deep.

He wrote,

“Sex on the first date or not, who will stay will stay, who will leave will regardless, trust me it doesn’t mean you are cheap, don’t be sentimental about everything.”

A while back, Stanley Nweze opined that most women are always broke because they spend all their money on beauty products.
He stated this in a post shared on his Insta-story while explaining why a lot of women rarely have money.

According to him, instead of investing their income so it can yield returns, they spend it all on looking good and maintaining their beauty.

“Most ladies are broke because they spend all their money maintaining beauty instead of investing, same reason why they are so fine and you are attracted to them,” he wrote.

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