Despite the backlash and advise he has received over his daughter’s weight, Comedian Seyilaw has shared an adorable picture of his Daughter, Tiwa, and it’s all shades of beautiful.

See below;

Meanwhile, Seyi Law is looking back at how much pain his wife Stacy has been through all just to give him a child.

The recently took to his Instagram to write Stacy a heartwarming letter, narrating why he can’t stop falling in love with her, loving their daughter Tiwaloluwa and how they almost their pregnancy at 8 months.

“I might be silly and puffed, but I will never forget. I will never forget your sorrow, tears and strength,” the comedian said in his letter to his wife. “The strongest of women are sometimes the weakest in the hands of men, especially the men they love. The pains and emotions of love are more than enough to throw you off balance. I have decided that no matter how masculine I am, I will let you reign in the right places for the pains you bore for me. The scars that are visible and invisible.”

The couple welcomed their first child Tiwaloluwa last September, exactly five years and nine months after they lost their first pregnancy.

Announcing the arrival of their daughter last year, Seyi Law sang on his page. “I can finally dance,” he said, and then broke out in praises and love for his wife, promising to love her till he breathes his last.



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