Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa, has shared her mother’s response after she called her stepfather out for allegedly sexually abusing her as a child.

It can be recalled that the controversial singer, in a series of Twitter threads on Friday, April 15, accused her stepfather of sexually assaulting her for years as a young girl.

She claimed when she finally opened up to her mother about the abuse, she gaslighted her and made her feel like a liar.

According to her, after she made the shocking revelation on Twitter yesterday, her mother reached out to her, asking for forgiveness for not believing her.

She shared a screenshot of the message her mother sent and her response to it.

Sharing the chat she wrote,

“This is my Mother’s message and the last words I will be saying to her, You were dead to me a long time ago, You’re such a beautiful soul, I see that deep inside you but you have hurt me beyond repair, I forgive you but I deserve love that doesn’t hurt. I am my own Mother.”

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