A Nigerian lady identified as Omalicha, has berated men who split the bills with their wife or girlfriend, while out on a date.

lady tells men

There is a term called “Going dutch”, used to describe when each party on a date pays for their own expenses. According to Omalicha, it is stupid for a man to agree to it.

The lady stated that any man who splits the bills must be shameless, as he doesn’t have an iota of pride to foot the full bill.

She tweeted;

“Splitting bills with your girlfriend or your wife is stupid. You must be a shameless man for doing such.”

See her post below,

split the bill

In a related news, A lady has recounted how a man she went on a date with ditched her after she refused to pay his bill.

The lady identified on twitter as Coco The Lagos Baker, recounted going on a date with a man her cousin introduced her to and after they both ordered and finished up, he expected her to pay the bill which she refused.

According to her, she paid for only what she had but the man who had expected her to pay the entire bill started making up lies that he forgot his ATM in the car. She however insisted she was not paying the bill and that was the beginning of the end of a date gone sour.

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