Nigerian singer Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, professionally known as Bella Shmurda has encouraged people to think twice before listening to a piece of advice from anyone.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, Bella Shmurda advised netizens to pause and think about the monetary value of a decision before making it.

He wrote;

“Hallelujah Somebody!!! If anyone tries to advise you this year, pause and ask shey this your Advise dey bring money?
It is well with you! Amen😎”

A while back, Bella Shmurda recalled the bad financial decisions he made earlier in his career.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Vision 2020 star, who said he now knows better, said he wished he could go back in time to undo some things.

According to him, he used to have money but, rather than spending it wisely, he rushed things.

He described how he once squandered two million naira in a club in one night, bought three cars at once because he wanted to always pull up in a convoy with his friends.

He said he now knows better and understands that it is dangerous to imitate another star’s lifestyle since their incomes are different.

He said the days of lavish spending are over, so moving forward he’ll carefully plan his earnings and make better financial decisions.

When asked if he can still spend two million in one night, he replied, “Not on drinks.”

“I used to have money, like money but I rushed things. only if I had sense that time. I was just buying a lot of things, thing I wouldn’t eventually need. So at this point as I’m getting new money I have to think about every move I want to take”, he said in part.

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