Shocking moment baby

A video shared online captures the moment a baby crawled on stage while a South Korean girl band, NMIXX, were performing at a concert.

In a video trending on Twitter, one of the singers, Kyujin, seemed to be taken aback by the crawling baby and rushed to carry and hand him over to his mother.

A Twitter user, who witnessed the incident, explained that the baby had been in a stroller next to security with noise cancelling headphones on and had been sleeping for the most part of the show.

Shocking moment baby

However, when he woke up from his nap, his mother carried him for a bit until the ‘girls started interacting’ and he managed to crawl onto the stage.

She, however, stated that it was irresponsible of the mother to sit her baby on the stage, adding that “soon as the girls started interacting everyone got out of their SEATED seats and started pushing towards the stage.”

“Everyone was fighting to get to the front it was literally just insane I cannot,” the shocked fan added.

Meanwhile, the video has sparked mixed reactions online, with some criticizing the child’s mother for bringing him to a noisy event, while others argued that the baby seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Joking aside that’s horrible parenting who tf brings a baby to a concert and lets it go on a stage like that not funny at all,” one user wrote.

Another user wrote, “This is so funny. The baby looks happy too.”

Watch the clip below,


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