Burna Boy couldn't

Nigerian singer Burna Boy is currently the talk of the internet after an old video of him presenting an award at the 2022 British Fashion Awards resurfaced online.

The self-styled African Giant was invited on stage alongside actress Yasmin Finney to present the award for the Independent British Brand category.

However, Burna Boy had a little trouble reading the words on the teleprompter and had to call on his friend and UK rapper, Stormzy, to read out the words for him.

 Burna Boy couldn't

Thereafter, Yasmin took over and announced Wales Bonner as the proud winner of the award category.

Although the incident took place in 2022, the video has sparked different reactions on social media since it resurfaced on the internet.

While some netizens asserted that Burna Boy seems to be shortsighted due to the way he was squinting his eyes to read the words, others chided him for seemingly embarrassing himself at the event.

Read some comments below,

@voksbabe wrote, “Obviously he is short sighted. He should just go and get a medicated glasses if not it can get worse”

@cheezupcoconuts wrote, “It’s clearly not a case of can’t pronounce vanguard. He could not see properly from that distance. Time to see your eye doctor.”

@houstonmarron wrote, “😏 and he thinks it’s funny. An opportunity to show intelligence through eloquence and you do this.”

@officialulorseries wrote, “Burna boy is a funny character. See the way he was nodding his head all through while Stormzy was reading it, even gave him thumbs up! He made the award show look so funny 😂😂😂”

Watch the video below,

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