An 18-year-old lady, identified as Gabrielle Canales, was caught on cam, stealing from an Uber driver’s tip jar.. The whole incident was captured by the driver’s dash cam.

Gabrielle while on a trip, was sharing an Uber ride with two of her friends in New York, when the Devil in her head, decided to play a fast one on her.

She slipped her hands into the driver’s tip jar, to steal cash, but then she didn’t realize her moves were being recorded.

In the 2-minutes video posted online, at first, there was no suggestion whatsoever that Gabrielle was about to steal from the driver, as she doesn’t even appear to glance down at the waiting dollar bills.

But just as she prepares to get out of the car, she puts her hand in the jar, the woman puts her hand in the jar and took off with the money.

She then dashed across the streets with her friends, with the driver seemingly unaware of what just happened.

Realizing something had happened, the driver turns to look at the back seats, and realizes that all his money has been taken.

Responding to criticism, the 18-year-old from Brooklyn said she ‘only’ took five dollars from the driver and claims to have later returned it. Her Instagram account has since been deleted. Uber said Canales has been banned from using the app.

Watch The Video Below;



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