A pastor’s wife of 12 years has done the unbelievable by dumping her husband to venture into prostitution.

According to H-Metro, Sandra Deshe, 33, is staying with two other women in Ruwa, Zimbabwe where, according to her landlord, different men visit them in their lodgings for s*x.

It was gathered that the woman had terminated her marriage with the pastor husband by returning their wedding ring, wedding certificate and packed her belongings along with her four kids accusing him of abusing one of her children she had before she got married to him.

It was gathered that before the shocking incident, Sandra was an ardent follower of the conventional church and a good christian. She has now left the husband identified as Sanyahumba who is a bible vendor and street preacher.

However, Sandra has denied venturing into prostitution saying she is selling ladies lingerie and cups to earn a living following her separation with Sanyahumba; she described him as cruel.

“I told my husband that I was no longer interested in living with him as my husband because he is so cruel.,whenever he came from selling bibles he would be a threat to kids that they faked retiring to bed in fear,” said Sandra.

“Ndakaona kuti handingagare nemurume akadaro even church elders and relatives failed to solve the matters and I was left with no option other than removing my wedding ring and waving goodbye to him.

“I hired a vehicle to ferry my few belongings after informing him of my intention to leave him and took my children and left his house in Windsor Park.

“As for prostitution allegations these are my sisters Mai Natasha and Sabina; we live together and we are not prostitutes as alleged.

“I am earning a living from selling panties and my clients are not found in public bars.I will not look at any other man and should I feel any need for one,I would rather return to Sanyahumba.

“I am still going to church,” said Sandra.

However, Sandra’s new landlord revealed that Mai Natasha, Sabina and Sandra became his tenants a month ago and they openly told him that they are not married.

“Sandra and her friends are all my tenants and they stay together after they openly told me that they are not married,” said the landlord.

“Various men come here to visit them and I do not know if they are the fathers of the children being nursed by Sandra and Mai Natasha; Sabina does not have children.

“Zvikanzi vanoiita zvechipfambi handirambe sevanhu vanoshanyirwa nevarume vakasiyana siyana ,” he added

Narrating his part of the story, Sandra’s husband said: “My wife divorced me and my worry is about my children after I heard that she has joined ladies of the night and I do not blame her much because our church elders ended up bedding her after she took our differences to their attention.

“I lost my temper one day and I exchanged the Bible I sell with fists and the matter ended at Ruwa police station.

“I love my wife and my children ,she accused me of ill-treating mwana wake wandakamuroora ainaye, ndaingomutumawo semwana wandakarera since we got married when the baby was two months old,” Sanyahumba said.

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