Former security guards, Happie Boys, have continued to call out Nigerian clergyman and philanthropist, Apostle Chibuzor, who sponsored them to study in Cyprus.

In 2022, Apostle Chibuzor announced a fully funded scholarship for the viral duo, Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, after they were reportedly fired for dancing on duty.

He followed through on his promise and sent the boys and their manager to Cyprus. After their arrival in Cyprus, they posted an update on their Instagram page, sharing photos of themselves in class.

However, a few days ago, they claimed that the sponsorship only lasted for six months, leading them to drop out of school due to the high cost of living and the difficulty in finding jobs in the new country.

They also alleged that every time they contacted the clergyman for funds, he either claimed to be broke or ignored their messages.

In a new post, they revealed that they are not the only beneficiaries of the clergyman’s scholarship to have been abandoned midway.

They challenged him to provide proof of those who have graduated from his scholarship and are doing well for themselves

“Those making negative comments can never understand what we have seen. You contınue to send people on scholarshıps, Show the World the proof of those that have graduated from the schorlashıp and are doıng well for themselves, nobody can use Our stars to rıde prıvate jet and expect us to remaın quıet. You reason wıth your braın and stop beıng negatıve. Where ıs the transformer boy sponsored to Cyprus too. He has returned to Nıgerıa after he almost dıed here and hıs Mother went to a Prayer House where they told them to return the boy. Things Dey happen, WHO NO KNOW NO KNOW.

You sent people to abroad and abandon them after using them, you now audition for new people to use when the old people have been abandoned from A to Z, MAKE UNA DE REASON O. ALL THAT GLITTERS ARE NOT GOLD. NIGERIAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE WISE O.” They wrote on Instagram.

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