Nigerian singing sensation, Simi tendered an apology to members of the LGBTQ community recently but it’s been unwelcome and dubbed as insincere after it happened that her husband, Adekunle Gold was recently featured in a magazine for LGBTQ creatives.

The new mother of one had taken to her Twitter page to apologize for a comment she made months ago on her YouTube talk show ‘Stoopid Sessions‘. She had said at the time that homosexuality is not natural, a statement that has since angered members of the LGBTQ community but all the while, she had remained silent.

She was quiet about the issue, not until yesterday, August 3rd, where she apologized, stating that she remained silent all along because she “honestly” thought she was “admitting to and questioning her bias”. She added, “I believed you misunderstood me so I wasn’t sure how to respond.”

Her apology has now been questioned by LGBTQ netizens after her husband, Adekunle Gold took to his IG to promote his feature in the Quaza Magazine, a magazine that is inclined towards queer creatives.

After seeing AG’s post, Twitter users called Simi out and told her that her apology was tendered with an ulterior motive to secure the bag for her husband.

People have since tagged the magazine to Simi’s homophobic posts and asked them to take down Adekunle Gold from their magazine.

In response, the magazine’s editor tweeted,

“Hello! Please be aware I was approached by AG’s team for the cover with no idea of the simi situation! Please know I am heartbroken and I feel your anger. I am deeply sorry and will be working on fixing this.”

Members of the LGBTQ community are insisting the magazine takes down Adekunle Gold’s feature as he doesn’t represent them.

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