It appears Noble Igwe is not backing down from his stance against fraud, and he has very valid reasons to not back down.

Despite being dragged for snitching on fraudsters in Lagos, the celebrity blogger isn’t deterred, he wants everyone to know his actions came from a desire to see a better Nigeria.

He has once again taken to social media to shed more light on his stand.

See his posts below:



Simi also agrees and revealed her shock over the fact that there are those who are defending fraud in the country.

Simi has never been afraid to share her views on societal issues on social media and this case is hardly different.

Although she has been dragged for her efforts before, she is not letting that stop her from sharing her views as she has on this controversial topic.

The singer took to her Instagram stories to comment on how disappointed she is at the fact that some people are actually defending fraudsters in the community.

She pointed out that if the mindset of the average Nigerian youth supports fraud, then we should not complain about how other countries of the world see us or “whatever mess we find ourselves in.”

See her post below:




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