Frau Korth Adeleke, the estranged wife of Sina Rambo has revealed more drama about her marriage with the singer as she shares chat of him begging her to return despite their issues.

Recall that the model called it quits with her husband few weeks ago accusing him of being a domestic abuser and a negligent father.

In a series of lengthy posts on her Instagram page, Korth revealed that Sina Rambo still owed an Atlanta hospital 48,000 dollars for the delivery of their child.

She wrote;

“Sina marriage is not by force. Beg this man to leave me alone, after doing me dirty so long, Iand left him to do whatever he wants to do. Sina, leave me ALONE!! After sleeping with the househelp, beating me, starving my daughter Lulu. beating me up in public look this nonsense has to stop. I am tired! Go and pay your 48,000 dollars you owe for your daughters birth.
You want to have a child in america but you can’t pay the bills. This nonsense fake life of yours. Leaving my baby Lulu without food for days and starving her in his own house. I am TIRED. Sina is threatening me and I won’t have it. Leave me alone in peace. Go and live your life and sleep with all the neighbors house helps. I don’t care ANYMORE!!!! Leave me
ALONE!!! GO DO YOU!! this guy has been silent for a reason , he’s a CRIMINAL @sinarambo
Sina has been sending unknown callers to call and trace my moms phone. He also said that he will send unknown gunmen to come and kill us all and take his baby Lola back to him. That is why I WILL NOT KEEP QUIET! Not when my family and childrens lives are at risk. @sinarambo”

She also shared screenshots of messages he had sent to her pleading and confessing his love to her.

See the posts below;

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