2face Idibia reacts

Popular singer, 2face Idibia has reacted to a post where a hotel in his state was called out for cutting bath soap into two for lodgers.

2face Idibia reacts

An Instagram user had shared a picture of the soap and disclosed that the hotel is in Ugboklo, Benue state.

According to him, it is a literal representation of the popular phrase “Cut soap for me”.

He captioned it, “When you get to a hotel in a rural area and experience a real life situation of “Cut soap for me”… #only in Nigeria.. and yes they actually cut the soap”

The post caught the attention of 2face who reposted it on his Instastory and laughed over the fact that the hotel is in his state.

See below,

2face Idibia reacts

In other news, 2Face’s daughter, Ehi recently reacted to claims that she looks exactly like her superstar dad.

The beautiful girl turned 15 on April 27th, and in a video shared on her mum, Pero Adeniyi’s Insta-stories she complimented her and reminded her that there’s a striking resemblance between her and her dad, 2face.

In her mum’s word, “You look just like your dad”.

In a rather hilarious response, Ehi stated that she doesn’t seem to notice any resemblance between the both of them.

In her words,

“Everyone always says that, I don’t see it”.

When her mum asked why she doesn’t think she looks like her dad, Ehi replied, “because I’m not bald, It’s a weird compliment. People need to stop saying that to him, what makes you think I look like a man”.


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