Danny Young reveals

Nigerian singer, Danny Young has shared screenshots of his conversation with an old schoolmate who felt entitled to his money.

Danny Young reveals

His old schoolmate had sent a message requesting for financial assistance from the singer because his pregnant wife was allegedly admitted in a hospital.

Danny Young didn’t acknowledge the message because he couldn’t remember the young man. This infuriated him and he sent a follow-up message in which he lambasted the singer for ignoring him.

The singer fired back at him and the duo went back and forth insulting each other via text messages. Danny Young eventually agreed to support the man financially and requested for his account details, which the man sent.

Humorously, the singer sent a meagre sum of N30 to the young man who had requested for N30,000.

He shared the conversation on his official Instagram page and captioned it, “This is how I deal with idiots”.

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