Nigerian singer, Efemena Blanco has taken to social media to show off her father’s exquisite mansion with about 50 rooms and 15 parlors in Delta state.

Efemena shows off

The singer recounted how her friends mocked her because they didn’t believe her story about her dad’s huge property. She attributed their unbelief to her conservative lifestyle as a kid, despite her father’s wealth.

Efemena shows off

She shared a video of the mansion, named “Olori Castle Ughelli”, and wrote,

“I remember when I was in school, I told my friends my father has a house with about 50 rooms and 15 living rooms they all laughed at me that I was lying 😭😂 maybe my lifestyle doesn’t scream as is the trend in Nigeria. But that’s because I actually didn’t know how much hardship was in the world. Now that I’m an adult and know, it makes me quiet even more. But once in a while, it is important to let people know your root. I didn’t fall from the sky and yes for those asking if I’m Nigerian, I am Nigerian proper, proper.”

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