Seyi Vibez receives

Nigerian music sensation, Seyi Vibez has come under heavy fire from the country’s Islamic community for including a verse from the Quran in his music video.

The “Billion Dollar Baby” crooner had posted a snippet from the music video for his 2023 debut single “Yoga” on his Instagram profile, in which he sampled the Quran.

Seyi Vibez receives

However, the video didn’t sit well with some Muslims who called him out for sampling the Quran in the opening of the yet-to-be released visuals.

Out of rage, they demanded that he and his producer take the Quranic verse out of the song and apologize to the Muslim community.

They flooded the comment section of his post with grievous messages and chided him for putting the Quran in a secular song that would be played in clubhouse.

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A while back, Nigerian musician, Habeeb ‘Portable’ Okikiola accused Seyi Vibez of totally imitating his colleague, Asake’s music style.

The Zazuu star took to his Instagram story to share videos of him calling out Seyi for unoriginality and music video director, TG Omori for lack of loyalty.

Portable claimed that the director switched from making music videos for Asake since Seyi is the country’s newest booming singer.

According to him, Seyi Vibez has completely embraced Asake’s pattern and is now using it to cash out.

Portable asserted that threw was no love in the industry, which is why TG Omori was able to switch from Asake despite everything so easily.

He then chastised Seyi for not having his own style, advising him to alter his pattern and be unique like him because people are drawn to him because of his unique pattern and way of doing everything. watch here

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