Temmie Ovwasa reveals

Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa otherwise known as YBNL Princess, has revealed what she plans to do after her Christian neighbours disturbed her sleep with loud prayers.

 Temmie Ovwasa reveals

Taking to Twitter, the openly-gay singer disclosed that she recorded their prayer session and will be featuring it in her next song.

According to Temmie, she would insert the prayers where she is singing about performing Cunnilingus on her ‘wife’.

She tweeted,

“My Christian neighbors are shouting and praying at 12 fucking A.M like other people don’t deserve to sleep,
So I recorded their prayers and I’m sampling on a song about eating my wife’s pussy
The labor of our heroes must not be in vain.

See below,

 Temmie Ovwasa reveals

A while ago, Temmie Ovwasa said lesbians are superhuman beings or spirits worshipped as having power over nature or in a simpler word, God.

According to the singer, she plans to henceforth, start every of her point with “as a lesbian”, because being one makes her superior and equates her specie to being godlike.

She wrote in her tweet,

Starting every point with “As a lesbian” because I believe my opinion is superior because Lesbians are God.
That’s all ,
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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