Popular Nigerian Singer, Teni Makanaki has to be one of the most-trolled celebrity in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.. and this is because of her ‘body’.

Teni has been called several names, one of which she was compared to wrestling legend, Yokozuna.

In a recent Instagram bant, a follower identified as John Peters wrote to her, pleading for her to shed some weight.

The follower wrote; “Try to lose some weight. You are too fat and looks much older than your age”.

In response, Teni said; “Sugar Mummy, my Gym na food”.

Take that!



  1. But if she’s not putting on native she’s okay to me, because the native really make her looks older than when she put on other clothes

  2. I’m very much interested in this program and how càn I be a partaker or how may I apply as a non Catholic?

  3. What Has your slim body got you? Nonsense, Teni we love you, dont mind that hater. Be yourself.
    People commit suicide everyday cos of body shaming.

  4. Teniola,PLEASE don’t mind them ooo. Na bad belle dey worry them.Your God ordained Man will like you the way you’re. Except you wish (personally) to slimfit.

  5. Umust evry body b skinny na waa poo oyinbo fat u go saw dem dey curvy our own people fat u tell dem 2 lose weight,wht is ur problem,look 4 work nd do,who leppa help?woooo teni ride on girl

  6. U always make me put my jambox in a perminent repeat mode…keep da flag flying 1000000 gun salute
    Need IV to ur live show

  7. Teni my forever crush people said I resemble u, and I love it that way u no y
    Ur swag they give me strength big body big engine dear continue your good work

  8. Teni i luv u so much but i want to knw if u r d teni i use to knw long time ago, r u Aunty Bukky’s daughter at Alagomeji

  9. Teni I love u the way u are don’t mind all those bitches ashole look for who to condemn beside what have they gain with the slim shape, the can’t even get common pack of bottle water and they are here trying to tarnish one image,either she fat or not the fact remain that she has made it in life, she now a super star so u go and get urself a job get ur self busy,

  10. Teni,I love you the way you are, God created you and deposited alot of pleasant things in your life,abeg,let them talk…

  11. Teni Biko.. we love u yes, but try to loose some weight
    Don’t mind people who are encouraging u to add up the more dey don’t like you
    Try and loosen up.

  12. Teni don’t mind them,,, we love dey are jealous of u,, we are there for u and god is also there for u… For yur case lovely song dear love your music career.

  13. Dont mind them I like u d way u are.my bigger fans ever…haters rest for God sake…haters pray to be like teni…….

  14. For those of u that’s claiming she’s ok d way she is, that you like her like that. V u tried to look beyond her physical weight. U may claim u love her but have u thought about her health. Yes, she’s smart n has a great talent but I still advise she works on her weight for health sakes. At least we need a star like her to stay longer with us. Pls teni Dont take it personal. We all love you so stay healthy for us. Thanks

  15. If she is not healthy in her body, she would have lost some pounds. So for mi i say she is confident in her body and healthy also. Everybody must not be slim.

  16. I wonder what’s is people’s business in Tani body, you that has slim body, Will you live longer than her, you may even die before him, people’s like to but there mouth in what’that dose not concern them,@my teni don’t mind them I love you so much , lazy Nigerians

  17. My dear don’t Mind them, God have made you the way you are, don’t mind this Nigerians lazy youth, Teni you will live longer than all of them that talk rubbish about you,@teni your my woman crush I so much love you, God ? bless you’r hand work and your music in life

  18. Wat peter said is for ur own sake teni aka tomboi, cas if truly u av been going for body check up most especially ur weight u will knw dat u are obese medically.

  19. Has she ever complain about her stature and why are people making something out of nothing? Its unfortunate that people still believe that nature can be cheated. And if by any chance she undergo a transformation now, na una go still kill her by calling her names. My sister biko be what you are, appreciate God and don’t do anything stupid to please any fan or anybody and sold your conscience to the devil. Remember you can’t cheat nature and other than this my dear you will see yourself serving the creature more than the creator and at the end what will it profit you if you gain the whole world and looses your soul.

  20. If she like make she fat,if she still like mke she slim…as far as the vibe still dey go well
    Omo ntn dey wrong….teni make people like n forget their sorrow….i like u scarra

  21. If u ask her well, she will tell u the big body gave her some opportunities she’s enjoying today! Am a witness to such benefits,most times people respect ur statue not age.Teni I love ur self love.

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  23. lol as fat as teni is her puna might be more juicy and suckable and lockable than that leppa telling someone she’s fat… bbw rocks the game better

  24. Most fat people I know… Wasn’t God’s making, their eating habit and lifestyle made them so… Truth is for health reasons as we age… We really need to shed these pounds n keep light n slim fit… I mean everyone… Especially Teni…#smiles:table shaking#

  25. Hmmn… Read alot of comments but my advise is try to stay healthy by so doing i think you need to trim down, Missy Elliott is an example…

  26. im sure the man that made the comment does not hate her but only tried to give an advice, I believe it’s for her own good. we all love Teni. keep the flag flying.

  27. The truth of the matter is that, once you are ok with your self every other persons opinion should not count!!! beside she’s beautiful & i love her smile ???


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