A Kenyan pastor, Reverend Jacqueline Othoro, has narrated how she ignored societal pressures and remained single, despite being 52-years-old.

Female pastor tells

The female cleric, who is the head pastor of Purpose Centre Church, said she’s okay with being single for the rest of her life because “she can’t control someone coming into her life”.

She urged young people to stop putting unnecessary pressure on themselves and going beyond their means to please society.

According to her, some milestones used to define success by society are pushing youths into doing all sorts of things to fake a good image of themselves.

Female pastor tells

Reverend Othoro cited getting married or attaining prosperity by age 30 as some of the pressures youths struggle with.

“We are putting a lot of pressure on younger people. There are people who will hire a car for the weekend just to be seen driving so that people can see that they have a car,” she asserted while speaking on NTV’s show Your World.

The female pastor stated that she is single and childless at age 52, yet she is unbothered about it because she is alive.

“I am 52 years old, still single and with no children. I am alive and that’s critical. I had a goal to get married by 28, I am 52 now and still single, I didn’t die or lose anything. Learn to be flexible with goals that you can’t control, I can’t control someone coming into my life,” she said.

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