A man on a podcast hosted by nolimittv,Β has sparked the indignation of spinsters living alone as he criticizes the idea of women living alone.

To him, it is immoral and sinful for a woman to live alone without the supervision of her father. He said they should still be in their father’s house and if they cannot, they should get married.

Single ladies have no business staying alone and marriage is a solution to it. He said the topic would be a controversy but that will not deter him from from speaking the plain truth.

In reaction to this, female netizens are having a field day dragging the living daylight out of him. Read some of the compiled comments:

@Wendy Gracey: Come and evict me from my apartment na. Ewu πŸ˜‚

@Inemesit Derbie Nelson: That lady sitting next to him suppose help us break that his hand. Look at the hand gesture the mumu is using to say his nonsense with all seriousness. πŸ˜‚ Make people wey no wan marry go live under the rock.

@Asa Mpete: Why do they always bring the stupidest and scummiest people on these podcasts? Why? What did we do to deserve this? Always the men with receding hairline.

@Tracy Aigbogun: Lol so those who don’t have parents should do what? See his hairline 🌚


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