Faith Morey hints

US-based Nigerian supermodel, Faith Morey has dropped a subtle hint that she is no longer married to her husband, Randy Morey.

The mom-of-one dropped the hint in a post she shared on her social media page recently, where she seemingly described herself as a “single mother”.

Sharing a video of herself strutting down the stairs on Snapchat, Faith stated that single mothers can’t take the place of a dad in their children’s lives.

 Faith Morey hints

She added that being divorced doesn’t mean one has to be enemies with their ex-partner.

Although, the model who doubles as an actress and entrepreneur, didn’t categorically say she is divorced from her husband, it might seem as though she is passing a message with her recent post.

Faith and Randy got married in 2010, and the union have produced a son.

She shared the video and wrote,

“The best feeling seeing my little man happy.. Mummy goes the extra mile.
Single moms, we can not take the place of a dad/man in our kids life. Divorce doesn’t mean a new enemy, your kid should be your priority. Mummy have 2 days to herself.”

Watch below,

A while ago, Faith Morey highlighted some qualities she looks out for in a man and what would make him her “ideal man”.

Speaking in a recent interview with TheGuardian, the Rivers-born actress and fashion designer who is currently based in the US, said her ideal man must be good in bed, rich and should not feel threatened by her numerous achievements.

Her words,

“My ideal man must be able to love not just me but my little man. He must be smart, make me laugh, honest, actively support my career, emotionally mature, willing to put in work, be good in bed, rich, old enough, respect me and listen to me. He must celebrate my achievement and do not feel threatened. And he must be a manly man.”

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