My sister's husband gets

A young woman has taken to Facebook to seek advice on behalf of her sister, who is facing a marital challenge with her husband.

The woman, identified as Abah Promise, revealed that her sister’s husband always gets angry whenever she refuses to sleep with him during her period.

She, then, questioned whether it was appropriate for a man to have sex with his wife when she is on her menstrual period.

Abah wrote,

“Good evening everyone, please I need advice. My sister 6 years now in marriage she always had a big problem with her husband for sex issue she always give her husband sex but when she is with her monthly period her husband still ask for sex and she will say no that she is with her period and wen she say no her husband will be angry so I just want to ask is it good for the husband to keep on having sex with her during her period.”

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In other news, a Nigerian lady has offered advice to devoted guys on why it could be hard for them to cheat on the women they are dating or married to.

In a widely shared video, she said that any man who is unable to cheat on his girlfriend is probably under the influence of juju, or spells.

According to the social media slay queen, a normal man should cheat and have a history of doing so, and if they are aware that they are not doing so, they are in captivity.

“If you find yourself not cheating on your partner as a man, you find yourself not cheating on your wife, you find yourself not cheating on your girlfriend, knowsay you dey on juju. A normal man should cheat and have a cheating record,” she said.

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