Peter Okoye aka Mr. P and his wife, Lola Omotayo partied together over the weekend and she was seen in a video he shared on Snapchat – puffing a cigarette.

Watch the Video;

Fans of Peter Okoye have now reacted to the trending video of Lola okoye – calling her out for not portraying the good motherly roles and also condemned Peter Okoye for being cool with such acts that is considered “unAfrican”.

“a smoking wife cannot give good advise!” a fan said while another concluded Lola Okoye was the cause of the Psquare break up!

See some comments below…



  1. every1 of u talking shit cuz she’s smoking , atleast they got more money dan u stupid shit hole people on here and online talking shit about a girl smoking , mad people , dont go and get your life together and live this wealthy people alone , fools b commenting shit about her cuz she smoking , most of you got bigger problems in your life dan smoking , mtchwee abeg smoke on and get more money while smoking , after all we will all die someday even tho u not smoking .. mtchwee foolish people , not even all u poor fools ranting online like jobless nigerian following celeb stories , lol let dem live their life and face yours or stop been a fan , ode people !!

  2. Ewoooooo eh Nigerians Ninja,abeg I Don tire my ear Don full and my eyes Don too see,you know what? I think u guys should just let them be o,he made his choice and that’s final…i don’t think you are the one marrying the lady, she was smoking before her husband met her and loved her.. Despite she smokes so I don’t think if her husband is facing anything he complains to you…. Thanks


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