Why Snappyexchange is your most trusted e-currency merchant?

We will never be a part of a scam because We have our integrity to protect, Snappy exchange can be trust and always fund your transactions instantly”

We are the Dealer in Almost all e-currencies; Perfectmoney. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Paypal. Bitcoin Cash. Ecoin. Webmoney. Payeer. Litecoin. Skype credit. Monero. Ripple. Dogecoin. Dash. Zcash. ADVcash USD. Ethereum Classic. Perfect Money EURO. Skrill USD.

We know Lot of people have been looking for the best and legit  e- currency exchanger in Nigeria where they can buy and sell  Bitcoin, Perfect money, Paypal,payoneer,Yuan, RMB without losing their hard earn money.

We need to tell you that the best company that you can transact with is Snappy Exchange

  • We are Duly registered with CAC head office at 11 unity Road Ikeja Lagos
  • Trade with peace of mind. (no scam zone)
  • 24/7 support Either on Website or Whatsapp and well trained customer service who are ready to make you smile every time you deal with us.
  • We Are The Grand Masters Of Instant Funding

The Company that you can trade  with peace of mind without any problem is Snappy Exchange and


 Website:  https://snappyexchange.com

You can convert BTC TO NAiRA  And Naira To BTC  by selling bitcoin to us and also convert Naira to btc  by using Naira to buy from us

You can use bitcoin  to pay for goods and services  online such as travel and tourism, fund forex trading account, Binary trading,Football betting account, shopping and much more .


Unlike many Bitcoin trading platforms, you can expect a lot from us .

This is what makes it easy for you to trade and get  instant funding from us  because we are the Grand masters of instant funding when it comes to  buying and selling Bitcoin, Virtual Prepaid Cards,Chinese Yuan, PayPal, and so much more.

We can also help you to buy goods online if you don’t have means of payment.

We can help you pay for  goods and services  from anywhere in the world We called the service  (Buy For Me Services.) What this means  is that the platform helps all their clients pay for the goods and services  online.

Assuming you want to buy goods from china and from other part in the world and you dont have means to pay, the company can help you buy and  pay for such goods and services .

https://snappyexchange.com  Ease of Use

Every time you are considering a Bitcoin Trading company in your area, the most crucial aspect of being concerned about is how easy the platform is to use.

The website developers knew that this is a significant challenge that puts off most potential Traders.

For that reason, this Bitcoin Trading platform is designed with user-experience in mind.

You will realize that the platform is easy to use once you sign up with us .


Privacy is also another concern with many Bitcoin trading platforms in Nigeria. The users have been Seriously concerned about the privacy of their information which is the reason why the website was built with privacy in mind. For that reason, the platform guarantees private crypto currency trading in Nigeria.

Is Snappy Exchange safe and Are They Trustworthy?

Snappy Exchange  is Nigeria’s most trusted Bitcoin trading platforms that promise safety of your transaction of  Bitcoin and selling of bitcoins, perfect money, paypal and other e-currency .

What is Bitcoin Price in Nigeria  And How can you benefit from it ?

The Bitcoin price varies from one country to the other. This price is also determined by the demand

and supply of the Bitcoin in specific locations. One mistake that people make is thinking that the price of a Bitcoin is the same as its value.

The price of Bitcoins in Nigeria, just like other parts of the world is determined by the demands in its specific Market.

The current Bitcoin price in Nigeria as at the time of writing this article  stands at N4,140,981 Naira to 1 Bitcoin In Naira And $9209.27 Dollar to 1 Bitcoin

As at 2009, the cost of buying 1 bitcoin was less than $1 why cost of buying the same 1 bitcoin right now is over $9000 dollars Which means if you had bought some bitkoin years ago, you would have made lot of profit  from it by now .

Although the price do change due to demand and supply.

Experts predict that the price of 1 bitcoin will rise to $1 Million dollars in few years to come which means you can start buying bitcoin for future investment purpose

Where to Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria

The best Site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria is https://snappyexchange.com . It is a trusted Bitcoin Exchange website  in Nigeria.

You can purchase Bitcoins with Bank Transfers, with cash, via Bank deposits or from the office .
Although there are different people and website claiming that they are selling bitcoin and buying bitcoin, it’s important to consider safety of your money,dependability,security and instant funding.

The safety of your money is very important because there lot of fake e-currency exchanges out there , It’s also very easy to Buy your Bitcoins in

Nigeria using Paga account or debit card.

Best Site to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria.

snappy Exchange  is a reliable, safe and the most secure Bitcoin selling platform in Nigeria. It’s a platform where you can easily exchange Bitcoins and initiate other crypto transactions with ease and they are the best

website to trade Bitcoin in Nigeria because  When you visit  our website
è http://snappyexchange.com  , you will see How easy is it to Buy and sell  Bitcoin in Nigeria Online

How to trade Bitcoin in Nigeria

With all the profit opportunities waiting for you in the Nigerian Bitcoin Trading, you probably want to start but don’t know what you are supposed to do. First of all, understand that the best Place to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria is not necessarily the most popular.

The Nigerian Market has countless Bitcoin trading opportunities which create room for scammers and fraudsters. For that reason, it’s very imperative to start by searching for legit sites to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria for safer transactions.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in Bitcoin trading, you probably have a higher chance of benefiting if you choose to trade with http://Snappyexchange.com .

The Bitcoin Conversion to Naira

The best way to convert your bitcoin to naira is by selling it to a reputable bitcoin exchanger like us.
So whenever you have bitcoin, you can easily turn it to cash by selling it to us

How easy is it to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Online?

Buying Bitcoins in Nigeria works the same way it works in any other country. This is an indication that it’s very easy to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with the use of a reliable and legit Bitcoin trading platform. With http://snappyexchange.com  , you can buy Bitcoin online or from the office.

Earn Money as Affiliates by referring people to snappyexchange.com


Besides trading on the snappyexchange.com, you can earn a commission for every person you invite. The commissions go as high as 20%  of our profit for every person you invite.

You can easily create a life time income with this because  we will continue to pay you any time your referral buy from us or sell to us and if you take it serious, you can make up to N250K per month by just telling people about snappy Exchange

Visit http:// https://snappyexchange.com/ref to learn more

You can get your referral link upon sign up on our website .

Can snappyexchange.com scam you if you trade with them?

It is normal to be afraid because of your hard earn money.But the truth is, if you are not kool dealing with us online, you can walk in to our office to carry out your transaction.

Scammers won’t tell you to visit their office to carry out your transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Bitcoin Trading Platform?

The best Bitcoin Trading platform is the one with a simple to use interface. On this platform, beginners can find it easy to trade Bitcoin and other e-currency

What is the best way to Trade Bitcoin?

If you want to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you only have to sign up on our website and  start trading with us

What is the most trusted Bitcoin Exchanges in Nigeria?

Currently, Nigeria is flocking with a number of Bitcoin exchanges platforms. For that reason, there’s a need to take your time and figure out which among them is the best fit for you. In this case, the best platform for Bitcoin exchanges in Nigeria is Snappyexchange.com.

What is the value of 1 Bitcoin to Nigerian Naira?

The btc rate in Nigeria is 1Bitcoin to N4,140,981  currently. Though, this price goes up and downtime to time. This is an indication that you can expect it to be lower or higher with time.

Exchange Btc to Nigerian Naira with ease

What are you waiting for?! Snappyexchange.com is here to make it easy to exchange BTC to Nigerian Naira with ease. we understand you have been looking for the safest and the most dependable platform to exchange your Bitcoin in Nigeria. If you don’t want to waste your money or lose the whole investment, then it’s very important to exchange btc to Nigerian Naira on a trusted platform.

.What is the best Site to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria?

The best Site to sell  Bitcoins in Nigeria is snappyexchange.com.

How to Buy and sell Perfect money in Nigeria? Where and How can I Buy Perfect Money in Nigeria ?

You can buy or sell your perfect money which also known as Pm from us and you can as well sell it to us .

How to Buy and sell Perfect money in Nigeria?

As we said above, you can buy perfect money from us to do your transaction and you can as well sell it to us .

Go to our official website and start trading your crypto and other e-currency with us


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