A lovely afternoon to you all.

So, here’s the thing..Remember The Photo that caused a rekindled frenzy between Basketmouth, Bovi and Freeze? (See Above)..Well we just found out Freeze actually cropped out himself and Basketmouth’s wife from an original Photo.

We now thought Freeze and Elsie actually dated a while back! Smh.

Daniel and I had a very good laugh after we saw this! And we’re still laughing! It’s no longer a wonder why the OAP deleted the photo moments after he shared it days ago.

Thanks to Basketmouth‘s wife, Elsie who gave the diplomatic photo of the one Daddy Freeze shared to reply Bovi’s subtle shade days ago – according to Elsie, the photo was taken way back in 2008 at the dedication of her first son with Basketmouth, Jason.

freeze and elsie1
From Right: Freeze, Basketmouth’s Wife Elsie and Freeze’s Ex-wife

She captioned the photo:

TBT….Jason’s dedication 2008…Miss the good ol’days with you Opeyemi.#thankYouLordForBringingMeThisFar

What do we call Freeze now though? Only good thing is that he got his job back… Lol

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