Lagos socialite, Pretty Mike has shared the heartbroken moment he discovered his girlfriend of 2 years was in amorous relationships with most Lagos big boys.

According to him, he dated the lady for two years and was about proposing marriage to her, but met the shock of his life when he went through her phone and realized she had been cheating on him.

Pretty Mike who shared this heartbreaking experience while he spoke about why most black marriages don’t last, averred that couples should be able to go through each others phones.

In his words,

“How much do u know about him/her ?….I will start this with a personal story..I had a relationship where I was so invested, I mean, I was just trying to put a thing or two in order then Propose👰 And then boom, I curiously check her phone and in less than 10 mins, the man in me left, I shed tears like a baby💔☹️ For 2 years she has been sleeping with most Lagos big boys, let’s not forget she attended a private university and from a decent home…. that’s how I will propose and this same people will either be fu*king under my nose and still be the ones to spray the most money on our weding day.

My dear if he/she is not comfortable with this phone checking thing, just pray to almighty God🙏🏽hoping the skeleton in his/her cupboard isn’t that big, it’s not going to be funny if u wake up and see ur Bf wedding pics everywhere and he just left u that morning and said he was going groceries shopping🤣

We are all Just Hoes “You are a Private person, that’s why u don’t want me to post ur picture and that’s why u can’t post my Pics ? OgaMadam you be Cheat !!…..You just don’t want to ruin ur other options abi,…God pls help this our Generation of Cheaters🙏🏽🤣…..That’s why most black marriages don’t last, cause during the dating phase,u are advised to ignore ur fears rather than face it; Dey say don’t check ur partner’s phone cos it might ruin ur relationship…so u rather not check and cont to live with a cheat then eventually marry him/her, one day DNA will let u know ur kids ain’t urs, or you realize he has another wife in the village🤣EOD.”

See his post below,

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