Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has taken a swipe at people who hide their relationships from the public eye.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the screen diva, known for flaunting her relationships online, opined that it’s best to put one’s relationship on social media.

According to her, many people are in unhealthy relationships all in the name of privacy. She noted that some individuals are in a relationship with “rubbish” and hide behind the excuse of keeping things private.

“Sometimes it’s best to post your partner. Some of you are in unhealthy relationships, all in the name of keeping it private. The men themselves will say, ‘Please keep me private,’ so he can be with your whole squad without any of you knowing. Ara Agbala privacy,” she wrote.

See her post below,

In related news, popular music executive, Ubi Franklin has made a bold claim about female celebrities in Nigeria, stating that many of them are unknowingly dating the same men.

The Made Men Music Group boss made this assertion in a post he shared on his Snapchat.

According to him, these women believe they are living a private life by not posting their partners online, but unknown to them, they are dating the same man.

“What’s crazy about our female celebrities is they date the same men unknowingly. I flew with one one day from London to Nigeria, and she was with someone’s husband. Not judging anyone, but y’all got to do your due diligence and know who you are dating.

“I know women pushing heavy stuff, and you never see them posting on social media trying to prove nothing. Let’s take it easy. Stay guarded,” he wrote.

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