Gambian Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle took to Instagram to blast her man calling him all sorts of unprintable.

According to her, the supposed boyfriend that recently bought her a Brabus wants to turn her to a ‘maid’ in other to impress him and his friend.

“Men are goats, some men are idiots, donkeys. So you came into my life and said you wanted to date me and I decided to give you a chance. You decided to buy me expensive gifts which I really appreciate.

When people give you gift, you collect! Now oga thinks he has the right to be giving me commands and say I should be cooking continental dish, Gambian food and Nigerian food for him and his friends. I need to impress him.

Are you mad, are you an idiot, do I look like your mother or househelp? You are an idiot. I am not coming to cook and impress any man, if you want me for me fine if not fu**k off” she angrily stated.

Watch video below;



  1. Shameless ass some of ur fellow ladies found themselves in their own creative business to provide themselves financial needs and u chose other way round displaying ur stinky pussy for public consumption, u should be very very ashamed of ur self.I even wander how some men get attracted by ur ugly face,the face that look like anus born child.
    Intact u r Kharuuf, babgaa’a,daabu daabu.etc mcheeeew…


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